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Bee Swarm Infestation

A bee swarm can vary in size from a baseball to a basketball size. A swarm will include its old queen or it could be a new queen, 50% to 60% of the bees will be worker bees. They may land on a bush a tree or a limb, scouting bees  will be the ones to inform  and make the decision when the bee swarm will leave into a new location or if they will establish in that location. Typically within 72 hours. If bees have not left by then I recommend a removal before they establish and start creating honeycomb as shown on first picture.

Structural Bee Infestation

Bees will make their home in any place they find suitable. From roofs, chimneys, walls, eaves, shed’s floors or walls, double panel fences, etc. What I recommend is as soon as you have a bee infestation is to remove it, the hive will grow as big as the cavity allows. I will remove the smoke and vacuum the bees with a special vacuum that wont hurt the bees. I then clean the area to remove any pheromones, bee proof and seal. I guarantee in writing all my bee proofing jobs. 

Honeycomb and Bee Infestation Removal

You can find bee infestation in some interesting locations as seen in pictures, they are not limited to trees or walls. Water meter boxes, hot tubes, water meter boxes, boats, abandoned cars, compost bins, trashcans etc. What I will do I will remove infestation in a safe eco-friendly manner to save as many bees as possible. I will recommend to seal and bee proof when the infested location allows. When it doesn’t I will add a repellent a re-infestation from another colony.