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Bee Swarm Removal

Limit and remove unsafe bee swarms from your home or property

Beehive Removal

Remove unwanted beehives and bee colonies before their population grows

Bee Proofing & Prevention

Protect your home and family with effective environmental friendly bee proofing

Yellow Jacket, Hornet & Wasp

Remove these harmful yellow jacket and wasp colonies before they turn deadly

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Offering the Best Live Bee Removal Services and Best Prices in Town.

Safe Eco-friendly and chemical free, honey bee colony
relocation to local beekeepers.

Honest, professional damage free bee removal service, at an affordable cost. All our Bee-Proofing Jobs are Guarantee in writing.
With years of experience.

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• Bee Removal • Hive Removal • Swarm Removal
• Flush & Seal Bee Removal • Bee Proofing & Prevention
• Bee Traps • Honey Comb Removal • Wasp & Hornet Nest Removal

Bee Removal Logics
We offers our bee removal through out San Diego County, Orange County, Riverside County and Imperial County. We are a family owned and operated business. We offer FREE estimates, and all our bee-proof services, where is possible, come with a warranty. The best option is always to save the bee, that’s why all our bee removal services will be chemical free and eco-friendly. We are fortunate to have the bee population among our ecology system and should be kept that way for future generations.

As a mentioned we are family owned and hope to pass on the knowledge and respect of saving bees to my children. So my children may continue this legacy.

Customer Satisfaction is Our Goal
We guarantee all bee services when these can be seal and all our proofing are guaranteed in writing. We have solid years of experience. Check out our 5 Star Reviews on Yelp and Google.

Save the Bees
Bees are a great part of pollination activity around the word. It is vital to save them. We do our best to save all healthy colonies we relocate the bees to local beekeepers and apiaries, so bee colonies may continue to thrive. If you are interested on owning your own bee colony contact us for more information.

Preventing Re-Infestations
During our bee removal service we will do a thorough inspection of the area to see if there are any additional crevices that could lead to future bee infestations. We will asses and do bee proofing recommendations when necessary. All our bee proofing services are guaranteed.

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