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Live Bee Removal Services. Bee Expert Fernando Valdez is removing a bee hive from a roof that was discovered by the homeowner.

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We Safely Relocate Bees From Your Home & Provide Bee Proofing Solutions

Our friendly team of bee experts do not exterminate bees. We help rescue these bees from your home and hep relocate them to a safe location. Call our bee professionals today and ask about our same day bee removal services.

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Have our bee removal professionals safely inspect your home for visible bee hives and bee colonies.

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Our bee removal services are affordable and we provide low cost bee rescue solutions. Request your free estimate.

Bee Proofing & Bee Prevention for Your Home

We provide quality bee proofing and bee prevention solutions for your home and property backed by our service warranty.

Why Choose Bee Removal Logics for Your Bee Removal and Bee Relocation Services

>> We offer our customers quality and professional bee removal and bee relocation services at the best prices available

>> Our bee removal process is chemical-free, safe for the environment and most importantly, safe for the bees we relocate as well

>> We guarantee our bee proofing and bee removal services

About Us

At Bee Removal Logics we understand the important role bees play in our environment. Our professional bee removal experts have built strong relationships with local beekeepers and resources to help provide a safe bee relocation process rather than bee extermination.

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Yes. We provide safe bee removal services that are but harmless to the environment as well as the bees. At Bee Removal Logics, we care about the bees just as much as we care about keeping your home safe. We avoid using harmful chemicals and we do not offer bee extermination. Our mission is to provide a healthy relocation process for the bees on your property.

Our professional bee removal pros have strong relationships with many beekeepers in the San Diego County area. If any of our direct contacts cannot accept the bees we are intending to relocate then they help us reach out to their network to find a safe recipient of these bee colonies.

Yes! We offer same day bee removal and bee relocation services for your home. While we do prefer to try and keep our bee removal operations during normal operating hours, your safety is our priority. Please do not hesitate to call us and we can help you asses the severity of your bee infestation or situation.

We serve all of San Diego including North County, South County, East County and the City of San Diego. Our bee removal services are also available in other parts of Southern California including Imperial County, Riverside County and Orange County. Click here to view a full list of areas in San Diego County that we serve.

Our bee rescue and bee hive removal service fees vary from job to job as we consider many different factors including the size of the bee hive, ease of accessibility and other factors. However, since we offer free estimates over the phone we highly encourage you to contact us via our form or call us for your estimate ahead of time.

Bee Removal Logics accepts multiple forms of payments including cash, CashApp, Venmo, PayPal, Zelle and all major credit and debit cards. If you are unsure if we accept your preferred payment method please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Beyond saving bees and relocating bee colonies to a safe environment our top priority is providing industry leading customer satisfaction. Our family-owned-and-operated bee removal business is led by the owner, Fernando Valdez, and his three sons. Together we work hard to ensure bees can find a safe relocation process while providing a safer and more enjoyable home environment for our customers.

Same Day Bee Removal Services, Bee Rescue and Bee Prevention Solutions for Your Home in San Diego County

San Diego is renowned for its scenic beauty and abundant wildlife, including an array of bee species that contribute to local pollination efforts. However, when bees cultivate a hive near your home or on your property, they can become a safety hazard, especially for those with allergies to bee stings. Bee Removal Logics will help you locate the bee colony and identify any additional areas on your property that may pose additional threats. Our team of professional bee rescue experts never use harmful chemicals and we work hard to provide the best bee relocation solutions available.

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