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Common Bee Infestation Areas Around Homes and Commercial Properties

By nature bees are great engineers. Bees don’t need a large opening such as holes,
cracks or crevices in order to establish themselves and start building honeycomb
(hive). All they need is a ¼ inch opening for them to intrude a dead space or cavity and
start building a hive. Having this in mind, cracks and crevices are found in different
types of structures or service box items.

Here are some examples of common areas at were I successfully removed beehives:

  • ● Roofs: bees intrude through attic vent holes underneath the eaves.
    ● Truss heel block (bird block) that has a gap. (underneath eaves)
    ● Gap where plumbing or an electrical conduit goes in through a wall.
    ● Irrigation water valve boxes.
    ● Parapet walls: commercial buildings.
    ● Winery cellars : retired barrels
    ● Cinder block walls
    ● Double side wood fences.
    ● Underneath a shed floor.
    ● Chimneys.
    ● Crack on a wall.
    ● Crawl space vents.
    ● Kitchen and roof air vents on the roof or side wall.
    ● Bathroom and laundry dryer vents.
    ● Electrical panels.
    ● Telephone boxes, cable pedestals.
    ● BBQ grills.
    ● Jacuzzis
    ● Artificial rock formations
    ● Debris on property: from RV’s, to motorcycles , small boxes to furniture (any small or large debris)
    ● Tree; trunk, branch, hedges, etc.
    Notice that bees will take over almost anything and almost anywhere.


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