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Bee expert Fernando Valdez, Owner of Bee Removal Logics, handling a live bee colony during an extraction and relocation service.

We offer bee removal services throughout San Diego County, Orange County, Riverside County and Imperial County. We are a family owned and operated business. We offer FREE estimates, and all our bee-proof services, where is possible, come with a warranty. The best option is always to save the bee, that’s why all our bee removal services will be chemical free and eco-friendly. We are fortunate to have the bee population among our ecology system and should be kept that way for future generations.

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I don't write many reviews but I had to write this one because this is such a great company and I know a lot of folks are having problems with ants. I requested a quote over Veteran's Day weekend. They responded back very quickly. I was able to get an appointment on my time schedule the very next day. The technician showed up on time, explained everything I needed to do, he sprayed the inside first so the dogs and I could leave (we had to be out of the house for 90 minutes to two hours) and then he sprayed the back yard. He was very professional, very nice and very thorough. I was given an excellent price and an even better monthly price. If you are looking for a company to hire, this is the one!! Good people and a great value. Even better, the ants are gone!!

Bee Swarm Removal

A bee swarm has just arrived at your property. That means a bee colony is looking to get established into a new location to set their hive. Now is the time to have them removed. Once a colony gets established, they start building their hive the longer you take to have them removed the bigger the hive will get (honeycomb).

In only 7 days the hive can get anywhere from 1-3 lbs. After 3-4 weeks, bees start producing honey. Don’t wait to have them removed it’s best to remove before they make their beehive. We offer services for residential, commercial, HOA, management properties, public utilities and more.

If you are experiencing a bee swarming issue DO NOT WAIT and give us a call now! Be swarms can become very dangerous and in some cases, deadly.

Bee Removal Logics offers safe live bee removal services for all of San Diego County.
Bee Removal Logics offers safe live bee removal services for all of San Diego County.

Beehive / Honeycomb Removal

If you have a bee infestation for more than a week is more likely that bees already have started to establish a bee hive (honeycomb).

Why do I recommend honeycomb removal?
The bee hive will grow as mush as the cavity or dead-space allows it. Once the bee hive has honey, it may attract ants, other insects and possibly rodents. It’s best to have the honeycomb removed as soon as you noticed bee activity.

Bee Proofing & Prevention

Our Bee Proofing and Prevention recommendations will depend on the location of the bee infestation. Bee proofing is always recommended when this it’s possible. Our bee proofing work it’s guaranteed, so we won’t make a recommendation unless we are sure we can get a good seal. Your satisfaction is our priority, we’ll offer a professional and honest assessment of your specific bee infestation giving you the best recommendation to remove bees and prevent bee re-infestation. All our bee proofing jobs come with a guarantee.

Prevent any re-infestations in the same location is our goal. We make a thorough assessment of the area to prevent areas that may be at high risk of bee infestation in those cases we may also recommend bee proofing to prevent a future bee infestation.

Bee Removal Logics offers safe live bee removal services for all of San Diego County.
Live Bee Removal Services. Bee Expert Fernando Valdez is removing a bee hive from a roof that was discovered by the homeowner.

Yellow Jackets, Hornets and Wasp Removal

In Southern California we have a variety of wasp such as yellow jackets, paper wasps and mud daubers.

Wasp can be aggressive when provoked and can sting several times unlike bees. If you knock down what you believe to be an abandon nest this can lead to an attack with painful stinging. It’s best to have a professional assessment of your wasp infestation. Give Bee Removal Logics a call to handle it in a safely manner.

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